NEW YORK - gnosia


Gnosia: the perceptive faculty enabling one to recognize the form and nature of people and things.

New York is a city famously known for it's busyness. And yet there is an overwhelming feeling of tranquility only achieved through a physical detachment from it–a higher sense of mindfulness within isolation.

In solitude, our thoughts become introspective; our senses heightened as we become aware of the hidden beauty found only in our surroundings.

Which is why there is something unique about minimal spaces. The reticence inside echoes against the marble walls and metallic edges. One can almost dance to the rhythm of stillness.


toronto - CHROMA


Chroma: the purity of a color, or its freedom from white or gray.

Toronto is city built on design. Every structure shines in unison like a choir singing along the star soloist: its CN Tower.

All the colorful art installations, street-fairs and light-shows welcome you with the same warmth and friendliness of the people who walk around them. The 6 is a place like none other.